Best Fake Hair For African American Women

Best Fake Hair For African American Women #beauty #hair #hairstyles #hairextensions #curlyhair #afro #africanamerican #blackgirls #beautiful #bevhillsmag #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine
Best Fake Hair For African American Women #beauty #hair #hairstyles #hairextensions #curlyhair #afro #africanamerican #blackgirls #beautiful #bevhillsmag #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine

Wigs are becoming the go-to hair solution for an increasing number of African American women today. It is true that only a handful of hair stylists of the day understand the unique quality of real African American hair. Most stylists are too keen on slathering one chemical after another to straighten or relax the naturally kinky, but highly sensitive hair. Natural hair has a tendency to become dry and brittle itself, which is why it can’t handle chemicals. It needs natural hair products for protection, nutrition, care, and moisture to grow freely and healthily. However, that is rarely the nurturing environment naturally kinky hair gets. (Image Credit: MinistaJazz/ Pixabay)

Wigs can become the solution for all your hair care and maintenance problems, as long as you find fake hair that matches your natural hair texture as closely as possible.

What are the best wigs for African American hair?

Yaki hair wigs are the most popular among African American women. Experts have designed yaki hair to mimic the natural texture of African American hair. It is the closest match you can get. 360 lace frontal wigs of this quality are impossible to distinguish from real African American hair. Yaki hair can be synthetic or authentic. You should consider the pros and cons of both before making your choice. Right now, you can find four different types of yaki hair wigs –

  • Straight yaki

These are the silky straight wigs that have the look of flat-ironed hair. It is quite similar to the ones you see on Jada Pinkett Smith and Beyoncé. As a matter of fact, you can spot the slight ripples on straight yaki wigs that would otherwise appear on conditioned and straightened African American hair.

  • Regular yaki

Relaxed yaki or regular yaki is the most popular. It is not as smooth as straight yaki, but they do have a relaxed, casual look that is perfect for formal wear.

  • Kinky yaki

If you love living it up, kinky yaki is the choice of wig for you. They look like natural African American hair. They are thick and curly, but easy to manage.

  • Coarse yaki

Coarse yaki hair looks precisely like coarse and kinky African American hair that has not undergone conditioning, straightening or relaxing. It is the most natural looking wig that you can purchase in wavy or curly variants.

Best Fake Hair For African American Women #beauty #hair #hairstyles #hairextensions #curlyhair #afro #africanamerican #blackgirls #beautiful #bevhillsmag #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine
(Image Credit: Shc9607/ Pixabay)

Why should you think before you buy wigs?

To make a wig look natural, you have to find something that matches your face shape, skin tone, and goes with your personality. African American wigs are the best options since they contain 100% natural human hair that looks completely real. Just because you are choosing an all-natural wig, you don’t have to compromise in style. In fact, human hair wigs are the most customizable and personalizable. You can take your virgin human hair wig to a stylist for adding a few personal touches. You can add baby hairs, go with wispy bangs, and include a few bits of highlights to give your wig the true sun-kissed look.

Today, the world of wigs have given women the freedom to play with hairstyles, colors, and lengths without spending hundreds of dollars on styling. You don’t need to spend hours at the salon to change your look. All you need to do is visit an online store and hit the “buy” button beside the natural looking wigs you like. You can choose your look each morning before leaving for school or office, by picking your favorite style.

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