Beauty Secrets to Celebrity Perfect Teeth

Beauty Secrets to Celebrity Perfect Teeth
Beauty Secrets to Celebrity Perfect Teeth

One thing that leaves people envious when they look at the stars is their Hollywood smile. After all, they often have pearly whites and beautiful lips that make their smile beautiful. And with so many people wishing they had could change their smile, they wonder what the celebrity stars’ secrets are. Therefore, here are some celebrity beauty secrets you need to know about so that you can get an award winning smile! (Image by Jana Zills ) 

Get teeth whitening like Khloe Kardashian

Although some celebrities have naturally white teeth, a lot of them have gone down the teeth whitening route. After all, it can be a challenge to keep their teeth in good shape when they have such busy lives. And with white teeth, it makes their smile look fabulous. Just look at the Kardashians; Khloe, in particular, is a fan of regularly going to get her teeth whitened. There are many different ways to have teeth whitening. You can get some toothpaste which you can use to help whiten your gnashers. Or you might want to get a home whitening kit which you can use from the comfort of your home. Or just like the stars, you could head for professional teeth whitening at a cosmetic dentist. If you do this, just remember that you will have to get it touched up every so often to keep them looking great.

Celebrity Beauty Secrets

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Make sure you are flossing like Jessica Simpson

It’s so important to make sure you are looking after your teeth on a daily basis if you want an award-winning smile. And as well as brushing your teeth twice a day, it’s so important to make sure you are rinsing and flossing too. After all, it will ensure any pieces of food that are left in your mouth after brushing is removed before it turns into bacteria. Even celebrities such as singer Jessica Simpson have talked in the past about the importance of flossing every day! And she has great teeth so it must be working! To help you with your flossing routine, you could always look at getting a water flosser. It makes flossing more effective and can help to keep your gums clean too. You can find out more about these machines online, such as in this article by Dr. Lamblord Sheth.

Use a great lipstick like Taylor Swift

Even if your teeth are not in the best condition, you can still make your smile stand out by using a great lipstick. You should choose a bright color; singer Taylor Swift always goes for bright red which helps her lips to look luscious. And as this article says, go for glossy colors over matte, as they can make your teeth look whiter because of the reflecting light! Just make sure you don’t apply makeup on your actual teeth as this is never a good look!

And you could also go down the cosmetic surgery route to improve your smile. Kim Kardashian is rumored to have had her teeth straightened and they look fantastic. Or you could even opt for dental implants like Hilary Duff to ensure your teeth look great!  

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