The Impact of Legalizing Marijuana in California

The Impact of Legalizing Marijuana in California

The impact of marijuana becoming legalized in California in January 2018 is still fresh, but visible signs can be seen. It not only sparked a nationwide conversation on the future of the drug but also has shown a remarkable cultural reach and influence. To get a good understanding of legalized dispensaries in California and how marijuana is crafted legally, look to Marijuana Delivery San Diego or another nearby dispensary.  

The impact of marijuana is becoming more tolerable and accepted, along with putting more California’s to work with new jobs. The legalization of marijuana is shown to be a possible turning point to make it legal worldwide.

Marijuana Becoming More Accepted and Tolerated

Open conversation about cannabis is happening more now than ever before since the legalization of marijuana in California in particular. Everything from attitudes, opinions and consumption has been affected by the legalization of the state.

Legalization, in general, has not only opened dispensaries to the public in large cities, but it is even becoming more common in suburbs and small towns. This outreach is part of what is driving some of the change in demographics when it comes to marijuana use.

No other product lives in a space where it is appropriate and acceptable for recreation and medical use. Legal use of marijuana in California has changed not only people’s perceptions of it, but it also diversified and educated people on its overall purpose.

Job Creation

Legalization of recreational marijuana has increased consumer demand, which leads to new businesses and more jobs. The marijuana sector is flooding with new products offered at retail outlets, from cannabis products for vaping, edibles and lotions.

Marijuana growing has led to the need for a more varied set of job skills and bringing new cannabis products to market requires more people with diverse skill sets. The cannabis business is also growing the number of related supporting industries like packaging, testing, labeling, legal services and consulting.

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California Could Be a Turning Point for Worldwide Legalization

California’s cultural outreach and influence are what will make it a turning point in the legalization of marijuana worldwide. California, which has focal points in Hollywood and Silicon Valley, has been shaping the national and global culture for decades. People around the globe look to California as a cultural model and trendsetter, so it is no surprise that marijuana legalization would change opinions outside the state as well.

California has been shaping the perception of recreational and medical marijuana for decades. The “Reefer Madness” campaign was created in California and was mostly responsible for cannabis prohibition in the United States. This links to the example of Hollywood and TV shows normalizing marijuana by depicting marijuana consumption as a part of your typical after work schedule.

The impact of legalizing marijuana in California ranges from its cultural implications and economic impact. 

California has been shown to influence cultures and media nationally and globally in the past. Yet is still remains to be seen what the future of marijuana legalization has instore for California and the world at large. As they say, time will tell.

Jacqueline Maddison

Jacqueline Maddison

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