Pros and Cons to CBD Capsules

Pros and Cons to CBD Capsules

How you consume a medication or supplement can be nearly as important as the dose strength itself. Even if the medication or supplement in question doesn’t require you to take it a certain way, picking the right method for you is the difference between a helpful experience and something you dread. (Image Credit: Francesco Mazzone/Pixabay)

You should be comfortable with the method and ensure it fits into your lifestyle. When it comes to CBD oil, that’s no different. You may have considered CBD capsules, which can be taken in place of CBD oil from a dropper. This provides an alternative for those may need something a little more convenient or tasteless.

But those benefits don’t come without drawbacks. What should you be aware of, and will this method suit you?



Taking a dose via dropper can be a little awkward in front of people, at work, or on the go. Not only is it more obvious, but the unusual consumption method as compared to other medications or supplements can raise questions. However, vitamins supplements, over-the-counter medication, and even formal medication are common in tablet or capsule form. As such, they’re familiar to all of us and can usually be taken without encouraging questions.

More Secure to Carry

While CBD oil droppers are small and effortless to place in a bag or your pocket, they do still contain a liquid. Failing to secure the cap after use can mean oil everywhere – which is messy and wasteful. Tablets, however, are more secure. Even if a spill happens, they can be easily gathered up again, making it far more convenient to keep with you on the go.


Unlike filling the dropper to measure out one milliliter of CBD oil, each individual capsule is equal to one dose, or one milliliter. This makes it far easier to gauge your dosage and avoid worry of under- or over-doing it.


One concern for taking CBD oil can be the taste. This is especially true since the best method of consumption is to holding it under your tongue for a minute or longer. As such, you can’t simply pinch your nose and try to swallow it down as fast as possible.

While Charlotte’s Web provides some flavors for their oils, they may not match everyone’s personal tastes. Because the flavor, like mint chocolate or olive oil, are simply masking the taste of the CBD oil, you may still taste a hint of it. For those who really want to avoid the taste, CBD capsules are great. You won’t taste any of the hemp, since the capsule entirely covers the oil until it hits your stomach and dissolves.


Delayed Effects

Unlike CBD oil, which can be taken sublingually (or, held under the tongue to be absorbed by the mucus membranes directly), CBD capsules need to go through the digestive system. Depending on how strong your stomach is, it can take up to two hours for the CBD to enter the bloodstream. This is an important facet of choosing between oil and capsules, as you may want faster results. However, if you know you’ll need it later, you can choose to take the capsule ahead of time. As such, it depends on why you take CBD in the first place.

Difficult to Swallow

While a rarer issue, some adults find it difficult to swallow capsules or tablets, due to the way capsules are naturally prone to floating – such as when you try to swallow them with water. As such, you may find the entire process very uncomfortable, which makes CBD capsules more trouble than they’re worth.

Low Bioavailability

Certain studies have looked into the absorption rates of CBD in the bloodstream, also known as bioavailability. While injection and inhalation have the best bioavailability, oil that’s taken sublingually gets into the bloodstream faster – with slightly higher rates of bioavailability than edibles or capsules. This is even true for oil that’s swallowed instantly rather than held under the tongue. Because of this, it may take more to reach a higher percentage of absorption in the bloodstream.

If you’re moving from oil to capsules, you may find the peak effects are slightly lower than what you’re used to from the oil. In which case, you can try the Extra Strength CBD Capsules.

For those that are new to CBD entirely, start with the lowest dose, like Charlotte’s Web’s Full Strength CBD Capsules.

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