7 House Construction Mistakes That People Make

7 House Construction Mistakes That People Make #house #construction

Building a house is no small feat. When constructing one, there are bound to be mistakes once in a while. Some mistakes are purely accidental, while others are born out of not knowing. When you do your homework and hire competent professionals, you will have very few problems. (Image Credit: Capri23auto/Pixabay)

Jumping into house building without a plan is where all the mistakes show their faces: by the time you realize what you have done, you have a house you can neither demolish nor live in. 

Below is a detailed look at some of the common mistakes people make when putting up their dream house:

Ignoring Your HVAC System

HVAC is an acronym for Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning. A house that does not pay close attention to this system will become unlivable even before you move in. Failure to properly install a working HVAC system will lead to moisture accumulation leading to mold festering.

Get a unit that is the right size for your house. If it is too small, it will underperform, and if it is too big, you will have huge electricity bills. To avoid freezing during winter and frying up during summer, pay attention to the HVAC system you choose to go with.

Treating House Construction as a DIY Project

Building a house is a very far cry from constructing your favorite chair from scratch. Do not treat a house as a DIY project, or it will bury alive one day. Leave the construction to professionals who have been trained and know what they are doing.

Finding the right design build commercial construction company and hiring the top contractors will guarantee that your dream house becomes a reality. While it may seem expensive at first, it will save you time and money in the long run by avoiding costly mistakes and ensuring a high-quality final product.

You can help once in a while, but limit yourself to the non-important tasks. Your best input in the house building process is your plan and funds. Communicate the outcome you wish for your house and let the experts handle the rest.

Using Inferior Building Materials

Cheap is good; being prudent with your budget is wise. However, you will be in a bit of a pickle if you compromise on the quality of the materials. A house is supposed to stand for a long time. To achieve that, it needs a good foundation and sturdy materials. Cutting corners to save cost has never ended well for anyone.

Whether you are getting roof materials or buying nails, get the best that you can afford. You can still save money by buying quality materials: just avoid buying single items at a time. You can get great discounts when you buy things like pipes, floorboards, or drawer slides in bulk. Save anything that remains for future use.

Building for the Sake of Building

A home is your fort. It is where you go back to after a long day at work. It is probably the one place you are most likely to spend the rest of your life in. You have to make it as you consider your style and taste. Your house has to be different from all the other places where you also spend your time in. Make it homely by installing things that make you the most comfortable.

Do not put up a house just so you can have a roof over your head and a place to sleep in. Add some flair to it, bring all your dreams to life. That house is probably the only thing that gives you autonomous authority to go all out. Make use of that. The excitement you feel when you own a house, let it manifest itself in the final design.

Poor Space Planning

Making your bedroom twice as big so that you can squeeze in an unnecessary giant wardrobe is not wise. Having enough storage room is good, but that should not come at the expense of another room that requires space. The bathroom, for example, a big one is always better.

You should ask yourself if something is necessary before going for it. You don’t need a giant fireplace if you live in the tropics where winter is a myth. Start by installing what you need; the rest can come later if you have any space left. At the same time, there is nothing wrong with letting space be free. You do not have to fill every corner with something.

Poor Lighting

Natural light is very important for a home. A house has a different glow to it when there is enough light streaming in. The need to amp up the security makes people forgo the luxury of having huge windows. Tiny windows may stop burglars from getting in, but they also limit light.

If you can, make sure the living room has a whole wall fitted with huge glass windows that face the direction of the sunrise. Your mornings will always be magical. You also have the option of adding some skylights. Use a transparent roof on a section of the house and let sunlight stream in. At night you can switch to watching the stars straight from your sofa.

Room Placements

Rooms inside the house do not happen by accident. Their placement has to be based on design and convenience. For instance, never place the kitchen on the opposite side of the garage. That will force you to carry heavy grocery bags across the living room to the kitchen. 

The bedroom, on the other hand, has to be as far away from the noise as possible. It has to be the furthest from the living room and the garage. The living room should not, at any point, be directly connected to the garage. That will only invite dirt into the room. 

Room placement has to be orderly and planned. If you do things randomly, you will end up being a slave to an inconvenience of your own making.


Your dream house should remain exactly that, a dream house. Failure to follow a plan, using inferior materials, and ignoring expert advice will turn that house into a nightmare. Unless you have a solid background in construction, do not take anything into your own hands.

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